Augmented Reality Brings the Real World into Natural History Dioramas with Data Visualizations and Bioacoustics at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History



Abstract This paper introduces the AR Perpetual Garden App and highlights reasons why it is unique and important in its use of immersive, augmented reality for informal learning. The design and construction of the application created a virtual diorama based on facts, using realistic 3D models and accurate perspective. Design affordances permit annotations with interactive and multimodal facts and stories, delivering interactive knowledge artifacts. The app combines real and virtual into one holistic and comprehensive learning experience, transferring scientific knowledge to the novice in an instant. The use of immersive augmented reality produced from accurate information, data visualizations, and bioacoustics creates context-sensitivity experiences inside the gallery and outside in the gardens. Distribution through the Apple and Google app stores to schools and homes can extend the broader impact of the educational mission of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and its biological research center, the Powdermill Nature Reserve.



Maria Harrington, Markus Tatzgern, Tom Langer, John Wenzel


Curator: The Museum Journal, 62 (2), 177-193





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