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Project Description

YoKaisho is the combination of a modern day tablet app and a traditional board game. While designing the game it was important to our team that we would create a game which has the typical cozy and collaborative features of a board game as well as the great possibilities and actions of a video game. State-of-the-art technology is used to connect the in-game world of the mobile application with the game board. Inspired by Japan’s myths and culture YoKaisho features a very unique style and gameplay. Every one of the four players has to defend their own village which is haunted by arch little ghost, the so-called ‘Yokai’. The players try to get rid of the ghosts by shooing them away to the other villages and are building better defenses with every turn to protect themselves from the storm of Yokai. To win the game a player has to get rid of all the Yokai within their village.