Nexus of Textile and Sound

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The research project explores the nexus, i.e. the connection between textile and sound. It investigates the creative potential of textile/sound interdisciplinarity, potentially leading to new ways of artistic expression and novel insights and knowledge about the relationship of the two disciplines.

The integration of digital technologies into our environment, where with the help of sensors and microprocessors all surrounding objects are covered with an interaction layer, brings a new emphasis on the haptic and sensible and a feeling of connectedness.  The project applies smart textiles in interfaces, garments or architecture to connect the interaction with fabrics or textile materials and processes to sound and musical parameters. The digital sensory allows for example to apply textile qualities to qualities of sounds and vice versa.

Being an art-based research project, results will not only be published in writing but also as art works, exhibitions, concerts, installations and performances.

Additional Information

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Runtime: 2022-2025
Funded by: FWF Austrian Science Fund. within the PEEK programme - Programm zur Entwicklung und Erschließung der Künste.
Project lead and cooperation partner: Gertrud Fischbacher (Mozarteum University Salzburg)
Project lead at the FH Salzburg: Marius Schebella

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Marius Schebella