GenText - Generation of Synthetic Text Data for Domain-specific AI applications

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Project Description

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to further develop new services and products in all industries. In Austria, however, companies have difficulties implementing AI solutions because they lack the necessary personnel and know-how. Above all, companies also lack the data necessary for training AI solutions. The manual creation of high-quality training data sets is time-consuming and costly. Therefore research efforts try to create new synthetic data using generative AI methods. While the research field of synthetic data generation has seen strong breakthroughs in recent years, there are still no practical solutions for many domains, such as social media data or business documents. Therefore, this project has the main goal of creating a basis for creating new synthetic data sets for specific domains and offering regional companies a contact point.

Additional Information

Funding: WISS-FH Grant, Federal State Government of Salzburg

Duration: 06/2023-11/2024


Contributing Staff

Clemens Havas

Pablo Melendez Abarca